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Free for All: Foods, Landscapes, and Lives in the Paraguayan Chaco

Ethnobiology Letters 2016

This short memoir essay revisits my education in foodscapes with the Ayoreo community of Jesudi in the Paraguayan Chaco through stories and experiences of food procurement and distribution. From landscapes in which food was free for all (non-monetized) to contemporary encroachments and land-grabbing in the Chaco for globally-connected markets, the transformations have been rapid and witnessed by Ayoreo and other dispossessed indigenous groups. …

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Listen to an excerpt of Ei Posinho’s life story

Recorded in Jesudi, Paraguay 2011. Posted here with her permission. …

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Car-Naming Practices of the White Man-ufacturer

Off and on since 1998 I’ve had the privilege to work as an ethnoecologist with Ayoreo communities in the Paraguayan Chaco– a small language group of perhaps 4-5,000 speakers who have experienced a truly harrowing process of ‘coming into’ Euro-Paraguayan society over the last decades. …

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