Writing - Known Unknowns

Edible grubs in Australia

“In the Arandic [language] system, edible grubs are a part of the plant on which they are found, in much the same way a fruit or tuber is. Note that it is not known whether all edible grubs present in one tree species (named the same in Arandic languages) are a single scientific species or whether numerous species can live in a single plant.” …

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The eye of the filbert worm moth

“No one knows the purpose of the tiny eye just above the compound eye” of the filbert worm moth, eater of acorns (and filberts, presumably). –p. 790, “Life in a nutshell,” National Geographic June 1989. …

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Pocket ecology

Research project (inspired by a mom who took photos of the contents of her preschooler’s “treasures” in his pocket every day):

Carry around a stack of info forms/ permission to ask opportunistically when out and about: Would you like to participate in an art anthropology project? …

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